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Meet Our Doctor of Physical Therapy

At Vital Rehab and Performance physical therapy in Nassau County,  Dr. Eugene has developed a comprehensive 1 on 1 physical therapy service center that caters to his clientele on a personal level. Every treatment plan is focused on building trust and connecting with his clients by valuing their time.  This proven philosophy has helped thousands of his clients reach their goals faster and get back to doing the things they love. 

In addition, Dr. Eugene has an extreme passion for bio-kinetics and enhancement of movement patterns to achieve optimal function. His comprehensive evaluation skills has allowed him to develop customized programs to heal damaged tissue, strengthen, and educate on proper preventative techniques. Eugene enjoys being active by lifting weights, playing basketball, and going on hikes with his wife. He believes everybody is an athlete within their own body.

As a founder of Vital Rehab & Performance Physical Therapy,  Dr. Eugene’s passion is to educate as many people as he can to live a better life, pain free. Tomorrow is not given, so lets make today Vital! 

Our Unique Approach To Treatment

Is Pain Or Injury Keeping You From The Active Life You Deserve?

Many of our clients find us after their physician told them “you just need to rest,” but rest alone wasn’t the answer and every time they tried to be active again, the pain would return. Many have been given pain medication and muscle relaxers but don’t like using them, don’t want to become dependent on them, and know that those things are not treating the true causes of their pain. With our 1 on 1 based Physical Therapy approach, we value time and believe in providing the best quality of care.

Have you had surgery but continue to complain of pain?

Many of our client stayed away from surgical interventions and were able to drastically improve their quality of life with our effective Physical Therapy based approach. We develop a unique plan of care, aimed to treat the individual, not the diagnosis. With our holistic approach to treatment, we take pride in returning clients to the active life they desire.

Or you’ve already tried various treatments but you’re still in pain?

Some have tried physical therapy before but were at a clinic where given "cookie cutter" exercises, and the physical therapist rushed from one patient to the next, rarely using any hands-on manual therapy or spending much one-on-one time with them. Some have relied on their personal trainer or massage therapist to fix the problem even though those professionals don’t have the training or legal scope of practice to diagnose and treat complex pain/injury. We provide highly effective manual therapy skills to improve your mobility and tissue tolerance to activity.

What Some of our Clients Say

Drip City Market
Drip City Market
Doctor Eugene has changed my life with his rehabilitation techniques. I’ve had ankle problems for years in my 20s and now I feel like a teenager again. His vast knowledge and skill fall rehabilitation practices make him and his services second to none. I wish I found out about this sooner.
Arthur LaGrega
Arthur LaGrega
Dr Eugene is a game changer! We Believe!
Chris Lebron
Chris Lebron
Words can't express the magic that Vital Rehab has done for my daughter Eugene is excellent and an absolute blessing someone that really understands his job and clients. An amazing place he is the real deal..
heather hakimian
heather hakimian
I’ve started working with Eugene a short while ago and have been very impressed with his knowledge and dedication to helping me get better ! I have a long road ahead of me , but he has given me faith and has taught me so many different exercises to work on to be able to improve and get better where no other places have worked with me the way he has!
Venetia Papageorge
Venetia Papageorge
Dr. Eugene is the BEST! He’s the quintessential professional. His expertise, experience and patient centered approach speaks volumes to his style on how he treats his patients. I was nervous about treatment and he put my nerves to rest right away with his soft spoken, confident demeanor and level of knowledge he really listened to what I wanted my goals to be for PT and we were able to build a plan together that would help support my short and long term health goals. Thank you Dr. Eugene!😊
Ramona Manipol
Ramona Manipol
Dr. Eugene helps easing the pain on my right shoulder.looking forward for good recovery
Mark G
Mark G
I wish I came to Vital Rehab earlier. Been dealing with a shoulder issue for 8 months and after numerous visits to an orthopedic surgeon I wasn't getting any better, and even thought I was gonna need surgery. One week after seeing Dr. Eugene my shoulder has improved significantly. He took time to diagnose me, explain what's going on, and plan out a routine that will correct the issue and prevent future ones. Based on the progress so far I have no doubt that I'm gonna be fine in a few weeks. Amazing practitioner, I highly recommend.
Lucyann, I

After years of knee pain and not being treated correctly, in just a few weeks I've had great results !! I'm virtually pain free and have greater muscle strength. I highly recommend Vital Rehab and Performance!! Simply the best ! Thank you Dr. Eugene!!

Shelby, D

After seeing Eugene for only 5 sessions, I now have full range of motion of my shoulder which I did not think was ever going to be possible again, and I cancelled my surgery! I never thought that would be the case. After being in pain every single day since October, I had no hope I would see a “pain free day”. I now have Eugene to thank for being pain free. He’s an EXCELLENT physical therapist and trainer.

Natalie, L

Dr. Eugene helped me with my chronic lower back pain. He educated me on proper preventative measures I needed to take to make sure my symptoms dont reoccur. I was able to improved my mobility and overall strength since starting and it only took 3 sessions!


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