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Simple exercise guide on improving your posture and spine health

  • In todays 21st century, people are commonly working from home or sitting on a computer desk for 8 hour or longer, for 5 days a week. As a result, people often complain of discomfort throughout the spinal column.
  •  Always sitting in a forward or rounded posture limits a persons degrees of freedom. Tissues around the spinal column will get adapted to that position, and will perceive it as the new “normal”.
  •  Sitting in a prolonged position throughout the day can put the spine in a forward rounded position. The exercises below get you out of the flexed posture and into extension.  The thoracic spine feeds off the new novel movement patterns, thus responding very quickly to the new stimulus. Many of my clients see immediate results in their mid back pain and you can too!

Here are 3 simple exercises you can do at home to improve your spinal health when sitting for prolonged periods throughout the day

Childs Pose with Thoracic Spine Rotation:

  •   Promotes thoracic spinal mobility 
  •   increases joint proprioception
  •   increases neuromuscular awareness 

Reach, Roll & Lift: 

  •  improves overhead shoulder mobility 
  •  increases thoracic extension (anti-flexion)
  •  good for spine alignment 

Prone Lifts with Shoulder External Rotation

  •  Improves overhead shoulder mobility 
  •  Promotes shoulder external rotation 
  •  Decreases scapular dyskinesia